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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Special District?

Colorado Revised Statute Title 32, also known as the Special District Act, was created to allow for the formation of districts to provide public services above and beyond what counties or municipalities may provide. The law defines ten services that metropolitan districts may provide to their residents and requires that each district provides at least two of the ten.

Metropolitan districts are mainly funded through property taxes. Currently, there are approximately 1,850 special districts in Colorado with more forming each year as urban growth expands. For more information, please visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website here.

The Banning Lewis Ranch Metropolitan Districts are special districts that are much like a governmental entities. District No. 1 is responsible for all facets of the maintenance and operation of parks, trails, open space and recreational facilities. It levies property taxes that pay for capital improvements, maintenance and operations.

A District manager, attorney, engineer and landscaper all work at the Board’s direction to make sure the District’s operations run smoothly.

For more information about the District, the Board, or any related questions, please reach out to Josh Miller, District Manager.

What are District Fees?​

District fees are monthly dues to the District that cover the cost of services provided throughout the community. These dues vary depending on where you live in Banning Lewis Ranch. Please refer to the District Fee Schedule here.

Residents are also able to pay fees online here.

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