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Snow Removal

Who is responsible for what:

City of Colorado Springs

The City of Colorado Springs is responsible for plowing all roads in Banning Lewis Ranch, with the exception of The Retreat. More information from the City.

Metro District

The Metro District contracts with Brightview for snow removal. Different areas within Banning Lewis receive different removal services. District Management is preparing a map of the different service areas.


Areas within the Districts that are not serviced by the District are the homeowner's responsibility.  The City of Colorado Springs removal requirements apply

Priority Information

Category 1: 2"- 6", removed 24 hours following cease of snow.

Category 2: 6"- 12", storms at this level require all available equipment and typically necessitate multiple work shifts over more than one day to maintain all of Banning Lewis Ranch.

Category 3: 12" or more, All priorities will be plowed as personnel and equipment permit, typically after snowfall has ceased. 

Priority 1: Common driveways - parking areas

Priority 2: Public buildings - clubhouse

Priority 3: Public sidewalks, District managed mailboxes/kiosk.

Priority 4: School Bus stops/sidewalks to school routs

Priority 5: Open space trails - walkways

*Every effort will be made to have priorities cleared at intervals through the duration of the storm. *

Parking Information

The District recommends that residents park in their garages as much as possible and avoid parking in driveways during snow events. Parking in garages frees up space for staging snow in areas within the street. By avoiding parking in driveways, snow removal crews are able to work more efficiently and safely.

Snow Staging

Have you or another resident wondered why snow piles are left in the street or along the curbs instead of piled within landscape beds? There are a couple of good reasons why snow removal crews stage snow piles this way. The thaw and freeze cycle of large snow piles can be detrimental to plant health, such as causing snow mold. The weight of snow piles can also cause issues over long periods of time.

Snow Safety, Lighting, and Visibility

Overnight snow removal can be a difficult process for both homeowner and for the snow removal crews. If you live in an area of Banning Lewis Ranch with a shared driveway (Carriages, Bungalows, American Dream, and the Retreat) please consider leaving on your patio or garage light on in order to help crew members see more clearly while clearing your drvieway. It makes a huge difference:

Garages with lights on
Garages with lights off

Other Information

Pickleball Courts: Please do not remove any snow or ice from the courts. This can cause damage that void the warranty on newly repaired court surfaces and is also costly to repair. It is best for the sun to melt any accumulation from the courts.

Snow types: Different types of snow require different types of removal and follow up. Please be patient during uncommon snow events that may occur, including heavy wet snow and blowing snow. 

Ice Melt: Snow removal crews in Banning Lewis ranch use a pet friendly product that is also less harmful to vegetation than alternatives. 

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